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Site Evaluation is an independent assessment of a site's materials handling practices.

Of the various services and projects The Forklift Association provides, this is perhaps the one which provides the most immediate value. By providing the third party perspective of a highly experienced materials handling expert, with no 'axe to grind' or thing to sell.

Here's how it works. We arrive to site as any contractor might and are signed in. Then we move about the site, evaluating what we observe against 

    • industry best practice
    • internal SOPs
    • experience of similar operational circumstances
    • relevant legislation / regulations

Our evaluations process is detailed and steps through more than 100 criteria, and is run on our SIte Solutions app. Each point of interest is noted and evidenced, usually by photograph. Wherever reasonably and practicably possible, recommendations will be offered as potential ways of improving the issue noted.

 Site Evaluation cost (excl GST)
 less than 3 forklifts $620
 3 - 8 forklifts $1,180
 more than 8 forklifts $1,180 + $135 per hour

Email admin@tfa.org.nz

Call 0275348282

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