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Whiti - the supply chain cadetship

For far too long we heard employers talking about the difficulties of getting young people into the supply chain/distribution/transport industry, and young people saying how hard it was to get into the industry.

It seems obvious now, but we decided to bridge the gap with a cadetship called Whiti.

Cadets experience industry training and personal development while still at secondary school, then move to full time employment and part-time study with MIT - straight out of school. The cadetship ensures they are the most prepared any young person possibly could be.

This training and support extends into the Cadet's first two years of employment - meaning employers can have confidence in their Cadets remaining and thriving in their organisation. MIT [provide ongoing study and pastoral support, as will Le Va and others.

Hillary Outdoors provide a critical component pre-employment with their 12 day 'Transition to Workplace' programme. Here's an excellent recent video showing some of the activities the Cadets complete to build self-confidence, resilience, communication and goal setting skills.

For an overview of Whiti - have a look at the attached pdf file. It's a presentation we've shown families of potential cadets as they consider whether to apply or not.

If you've any  questions etc, contact Andrew Stone directly - 027 534 8282

Email admin@tfa.org.nz

Call 0275348282

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