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Electronic Cylinder Management improves productivity and saves money

LPG supply for forklifts made easy with OnGas

The largest nationwide supplier of LPG for forklifts, OnGas offers the performance, convenience and reliability today’s warehouse managers need for their businesses.

OnGas is one of New Zealand’s largest LPG suppliers. As part of the Vector group of companies, OnGas distributes and sells LPG to industrial, commercial, residential and automotive markets.

OnGas also supplies over 2600 forklift customers throughout New Zealand, from small yards to large freight and logistics companies and other key customers in the dairy, freight and retail industries.

As part of OnGas’s commitment to excellence in service delivery, their focus on research and development has led to an innovative cylinder filling and delivery solution. This barcode technology, also known as electronic cylinder management (ECM), provides real-time information about each delivery with a large range of benefits for customers.

How it works

Each cylinder is fitted with a green plastic tag with a barcode, attached to the neck of each cylinder. A separate barcode is also affixed to the cage or delivery point. Both barcodes are scanned during delivery, enabling the information to be recorded instantly (cellphone coverage permitting) which means detailed information can be retrieved about each order.

The numerous benefits to customers include customised reporting, enabling customers to see what stock they have on hand, transaction histories, volume trending reports and cost analysis breakdowns.

Customers can track their usage and see where they may be able to gain cost efficiencies through greater efficiency in ordering, together with better knowledge of cylinders and their locations. The customised reporting can also include information on carbon emissions.

ECM technology enables accurate tracking of cylinders, ensuring each one is allocated to the right customer account. Customers also have the option of receiving text or email notifications at the time of delivery.

For further information, visit www.ongas.co.nz

OnGas Working With You

The largest nationwide supplier of LPG for forklifts, OnGas offers the performance, convenience and reliability you need for your business. Not only are we competitively priced, we provide excellent service from initial sign up through to providing ongoing technical support, account management and reporting.

Why OnGas?

  • ·         Dedicated Account Management
  • ·         Technical and safety support
  • ·         Electronic Cylinder Management (ECM)*
  • ·         Flexible ordering options
  • ·         Easy account set up and switching from other LPG suppliers

*ECM available in most regions throughout New Zealand.

Email admin@tfa.org.nz

Call 0275348282

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