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Small Businesses

Forklifts are often under-rated or pretty much ignored. On one hand these are simple machines, on the other they require a thoroughly professional approach. It might be 'just a forklift' but the reality is the forklift you have is an integral aspect of your operations, without which your business would not be the same.

Treat your forklift with care, use it with diligence and it will make your operation more productive, more profitable and scalable. Treat it as vital equipment and it will not let you down. Give your forklift scant regard and it will be expensive to own, to operate, and it'll be less efficient. The chances are that if you aren't managing the forklift and its use well, one day someone might not finish their work day unharmed. Working with and around forklifts is one of the most common scenes of serious workplace injury and fatality. Don't be that business. Get people home safely every day from your site.

To start off, you need to have a very good grasp of these key points:

  1. Driver control and certification

  2. Equipment standard and servicing

  3. Site procedures

We cover these, and provide the resources to cover most scenarios in our members only Forklift Toolkit. We will help you stay up to date and informed with current Health & Safety in the Workplace information; talk to other companies who operate sites and equipment like yours; share what works and what doesn't; strive to operate the most professional, most efficient and safest forklift. You, your business and your people deserve no less.

Get help from us if you need it. Call us and talk it through. Come to our local events. It all starts here.

Inside the Toolkit

We get it, when you run a small business you want simple and affordable.  You want to get the compliance stuff out of the way and get the job done. The toolkit provides:

  • Health and Safety Checklists
  • Service and Operation Guides
  • Free recruitment solution
  • Trusted Training Provider Listing
  • Access to emergency legal advice in the event of a serious Health and Safety incident

The cost to join depends on the number of forklifts you operate.

For 1 forklift the cost is $195 + GST p.a., which could

  • Prevent a workplace accident
  • Provide large parts of your Health & Safety compliance solution
  • Show you how to have the right gear for your business - at the right price
  • Help you train and retain staff
  • Recruit more people when you need them

It's not much to spend and the value is right there. It'll take you less than 5 minutes to join up.

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Need help or want to ask a question

We'd love to have a phone conversation and help you understand how joining The Forklift Association makes sense for businesses.  Please contact Andrew Stone - andrew@tfa.org.nz or 027 534 8282.

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