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Forklift-Simulator (FLS) is the leader in virtual reality forklift simulations. They have revolutionised the way forklift operators are trained. In a safe training program that is realistic, depth perceptive, with a 360 degree view for both counterbalance and reachtruck's. Fill in our form below to find out more.

About The Simulators

The FLS simulators provide a forklift cockpit for the trainee to ride while wearing a Virtual Reality headset. This combination of an actual OEM seat, the controls, and the full depth of field from VR makes the experience a realistic training environment. The standard training modules provide beginner to advanced tasks in a range of scenarios.

An advanced learning management system tracks all of the data and presents it all in easy to read dashboards. Individualise training programs and direct the learning curve of your students.  Allows EHS managers to standardise safety processes across facilities in a proactive way. Assign, follow up and adjust.

The simulators have standard content and a default curriculum that covers basic through to advanced levels in real world scenarios in 10 levels, 43 exercises. But the content is customisable, FLS can recreate your work environment, dangerous locations, attachments, specific loads, or work process on request. Allowing you to make the most of your VR simulator.

The easiest, safest and most effective way to screen, train and protect your operators.



No training liabilities or damage to worry about.  New operators can make their first mistakes in simulation, and seasoned operators can get refreshed on best practices with zero risk.

Realistic and Engaging

Our state-of-the art Virtual Reality technology makes the experience extremely real.  The VR forklift drives like real one.  Physics are modelled with great attention to detail.  Operators leverage the depth perspective provided by VR to exercise their skills just like on a real truck.  Your students and operators will love it!


Plug and play.  Ideal for your new training room!  Trucks no longer have to be taken from production for training.  Maintain warehouse productivity while training goes on in parallel without sacrificing warehouse space or vehicles.

Data Driven

Learning Management System with access for trainers to get the best out of their students.

Immediate Results

Increased safety awareness.  Reduced damage.  Improved hiring efficacy.  Students learn and can quickly find a job as an operator.  A great trainer tool!

Cost Effective

Easy ROI calculation: avoid one incident through effective training and your simulator investment is quickly returned.  Additionally: cost savings in screening, hiring, retention, and training.


Customers that fully realise the potential of VR simulation model their facility in simulation.  This allows for training on specific working conditions, danger zones, truck attachments, and workflows.  Multiple scenarios and use cases can easily be modelled.

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