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The Forklift Games brings back a tradition of allowing forklift drivers to compete for the title of New Zealand’s best.

Starting with Regional competitions to find each Region’s best drivers of the main forklift types, reach truck and counterbalance. The Regional winners will compete in Auckland for the National Forklift Games Champion title.

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Points out of 100 will be awarded for each competitor. Overall scores will be reviewed across both types of competing drivers, and the highest scoring driver, regardless of type will be the overall supreme title winner. 

At the Regional level the competition is practical driving skills only. The driver will have to navigate a course and complete skill challenges within a time. Points will be deducted for errors, impact with the course and going over time. In the case where the same points are achieved, the driver who completed the course more quickly will be awarded the win.

This is a timed effort designed to test the competitor’s accuracy, efficiency and problem solving capabilities. The test field is an indoor concrete floor using non-production loads within an artificial course which limits travel in potentially three dimensions. The course could include 

Points are deducted for impact, incorrect outcomes, exceeding time limit, failure to follow regular safety SOPs (eg fork positions, turning under load, signalling, load balance, load pushing etc). Potentially a competitor could complete the course with no deductions, but this should be extremely unlikely.


We'll tally by company the points achieved by each of their individual competitors. The company which scores the highest total tally wins the Regional Title - Company. The top companies win the right to compete at the National Finals in Auckland.

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