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we help materials handling operations be more safe and effective

The Forklift Group collects resources for operators to help them optimise their materials handling operations. Companies join the Group's membership for an annual subscription which gains them a range of services, consulting time and market advantages.

Forklifts are a vital part of what makes business in New Zealand work - they are a critical lynch pin in all materials handling operations.  Sadly, they contribute to more workplace accidents than any other vehicle and most businesses lack a basic understanding of how to run them, service them and to get the most appropriate driver training.  The Forklift Group is out to change that by bringing companies together to solve common problems.

Our members come to us seeking a third party perspective on their operations, acknowledging that an impartial view from a non-vendor can be extremely useful. This informal industry benchmarking occurs through visits to our members sites, site evaluations, specific resources, the member only portion of the website, e-Newsletters, networking through the events we hold, consulting, and accessing the 'best of breed' products and services at unique pricing. 

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Aligned with the individual, corporate and Government uplift in environmental responsibility, The Forklift Group works to advance initiatives which reduce our negative impacts on the environment. These include waste diversion, advancing models of circular economy, and reducing and offsetting carbon emissions through our partnership with Ekos and Think Step.

The Forklift Games brings back a tradition of allowing forklift drivers to compete for the title of New Zealand’s best.

Starting with Regional competitions to find each Region’s best drivers of the main forklift types, reach truck and counterbalance. The Regional winners will compete in Auckland for the title.

See more here Forklift Games.

Register to compete by clicking on the Regional near you.

Who will it be? From which company? Young, old - male, female ... only skills and temperament will count on the day.

The best of the best will be crowned Champion of The Forklift Games.

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Member Benefits

New members usually benefit most from an initial site visit by The Forklift Group. From this it is easier for them to identify which resources are most useful:

  • Resolving site specific issues
  • Health & Safety Act records
  • Equipment management and improvement
  • Standard Operating Procedures: role and activity specific
  • Staff engagement, retention and recruitment
  • Procurement, planning and management
  • Materials handling equipment/forklift strategy development

The independent and broadly experienced perspective of The Forklift Association provides a unique perspective. Often we identify potential solutions to long-standing frustrations - be that external to or from within the Member's current operations. Our touch points with the industry are many and varied so we have developed and become involved with key projects which add substantial value to members.

Why Did You Join?

When we asked new members why they decided to join the The Forklift Group, these were the most common answers;

  1. I'm terrified of what will happen if we have a forklift related accident - we need advice and we need to do a better job
  2. We should be operating more effectively and making better decsisions, I want to meet other operators in my industry and learn from them
  3. Forklifts are special, having a toolkit that we could use to better manage that area is a no-brainer
  4. Everyone wants to sell me something - I want access to unbiased information

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